Video Editing

Goldline Media provides multimedia solutions like presentations, making of success stories, educational documentaries etc.

We have following facilities at our end for providing best services and quality films.

Technical Facilities

Editing Computerised digital processing lab, Digital video editing, Mastering, CD authoring, Video Noise reduction, restoration / enhancement, Video color correction, Titles and sub-titles making, opening graphics, 2D and 3D animation, Special effects, type conversions (VHS, SVHS, BETA, DIGIBETA, DV) and media conversions (AVI, MPG, MPEG, DAT etc), 24 bit processing, Analog to digital conversion, video grabbing/ capturing, DVD authoring etc.

Sound Recording
Digital audio, voice over, Commentary, dubbing, sound effects, voice simulation and complete music design, sound restoration, enhancement, noise reduction, 32 bit sound processing, experienced dubbing artists, surround Dolby 5.1 encoding, Dolby Noise reduction, Recording lab.

Video Shooting Camers

All formats of video available like 3CDD Digital video or DV Mini, Beta or Digi- Beta cameras,VHS, SVHS etc. On site live recording, lighting for indoor shooting, live monitors etc. experienced cameramen and other personnel.

Event management For a prize distribution program or seminar or symposium , complete live shooting of the program and multimedia presentation for all prizes and presentations with videos and background music. We ensure highest quality of presentations and background music