CD DVD Replication

CD Replication Process

CD replication is the physical manufacturing of your compact discs.  The end result is exactly what would you buy in a record store.  It entails producing a glass master, then a metal stamper and actually “pressing” the compact discs. The molded CDs are then silk-screened and either spindled or packaged with inserts for delivery.

We perform CD replication for software packages, audio packages and DVD packages in any quantity you desire. Each quote is tailored to meet the needs of the customer, therefore all price quotes will vary. You will have your CD Replication quote usually on the phone or within 30 minutes via email (during business hours). Goldline media provies quality DVD, CD replication / manufacturing, and cassette recording for AD Agencies, Corporations, Government, Printing Industry, and the software industry in Delhi, India.

Shop wholesale CD’s, including standard silver data or DVD-r, audio CD’s, mini diameter CD’s, studios, special mini CD replication, mini business CD replication, data CD replication, credit card cd, CD-ROM replication, CD-ROM Duplication, and data cd in Delhi(India). . We specialize in all areas of CD / DVD Duplication, CD / DVD Replication and CD / DVD Manufacturing whether it’s for CD-ROM, Audio, DVD Video or DVD ROM. We also provide your most sought after insert printing and packaging needs.

We can complete your full sized CD / DVD, business card CDs, business card DVDs, mini CDs or mini DVDs for you with a standard manufacturing turn, but we also have a wide variety of rush options. For those do it yourself clients, we offer a complete line of blank media, business card CDs, and mini CDs for you to complete your CD / DVD Duplication at wholesale prices. At Goldline Media CD Duplication, Inc. our commitment is not only to provide you with the finest product at the lowest price possible, but also give you the best customer service and personal attention in the industry today! Give us a try and find out why thousands of clients choose us for all of their CD / DVD Duplication. and CD / DVD Replication needs! Goldline is a pioneer in professional Authoring CD Duplication & CD Replication, DVD CD Packaging, Silk Screening Printing Service Solutions to a client base in Delhi and across India.

DVD Replication Process

DVD Replication provides a long-term solution to store higher volumes of data than a CD. DVD Replication is the industry standard procedure for manufacturing DVDs. Whereas DVD Duplication uses enhanced DVD-R media and ‘burns’ the data to a heat-sensitive surface, DVD Replication actually “presses” the audio onto an aluminium and plastic disc, creating physical pits in the surface. This is then covered in a clear plastic layer, to stop the pits collecting dirt and dust.
There are two main DVD options: DVD-5 and DVD-9. DVD-5 can store 4.7GB of data (up to 2 hours of video), whereas DVD-9 stores 8.54GB of data (about 4 hours of video footage). The only physical difference between the two types of disc is that DVD-9 dics are dual layer, whereas DVD-5 discs are single layer. We have pricelists below for both types. DVD-10 is another option, which is double sided (you turn the disc over to use the other side) and can store 9.4GB of data. You can only print on the hub of these discs as both sides contain data and for these practical reasons we do not offer DVD-10 replication.

Goldline Media offers full line professional services in multimedia authoring, DVD authoring, DVD replication, CD replication, DVD duplication, CD duplication, DVD glass mastering, graphic design / silk screening and offset printing generating & delivering professional print and electronic marketing solutions for your company. Our DVD/CD Media Company uses the latest state of the art advanced optic software to assure your company professional work is the end result. goldline will take your raw, unedited footage and will manufacture your project & product in record time.

With Goldline Media’s innovative DVD authoring services your project will be customized professionally to your standards in a timely manner assuring your multimedia needs are met and delivered. Full line for audio and optical multimedia services for duplication replication and authoring for CD/ DVD-5 and CD/ DVD -9 in the industries of music, film, software and game nationally and internationally, working as a team collectively to assure the best service possible. Our multimedia team’s infrastructure allows us to build the strongest marketing presence possible for our clients bringing them into the 21st century with additional services creating a strong media and promotional presence.

Other services include CD duplication and DVD packaging, business cards, website development and search engine optimization for any company, making certain that our clients have the strongest advertising platform developed for their success. Using the latest innovative CD replication & CD duplication authoring multimedia software combined with our staffs creativity allows Goldline to deliver your companies project in usually 5-6 days however Goldline Media offers urgent delivery if needed. Our clients know that no matter what the size of the project we get it done always on time. If you are interested in any of our professional CD/DVD, VHS authoring replication or duplication project development please give us a call 9891177384, 9313994247or email at with any questions you may have. Please feel free go through our website for a complete look at professional services offered or visit our office in Kalkaji Delhi.